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Customer loyalty has kept us going strong for over 40 years.  Here is what our customers have to say:

 "If you want absolutely the BEST Volvo mechanics in the Northwest, Leyfax is for you. I've been a customer for over 20 years (4 Volvos currently in our family) and honestly I've never had a bad repair experience. They are not only great mechanics, they are great people and go out of their way to keep you on the road. Their prices are no more than anyone else and far lower than the dealer, and they fix things right the first time. They treat all their customers well, whether you're a "regular" or a first-timer. The only hitch: you better like your car because it will never wear out."

As long as I live in Portland, I will own a Volvo because I can't imagine finding a shop with more integrity than Leyfax. I drive my '84 with confidence knowing that these guys haven't cut any corners to keep her running beautifully."

   "I love my car and I trust these guys with it (and my previous Volvos). I always stay and chat about cars and other subjects after I drop the car. Dave, Carl and the crew are knowledgeable, competent, kind and funny. My next car will be a Volvo because of them."

"Dave and Carl know their stuff and are the few honest mechanics left out there. They take pride in their work and care about their customers. If their hours were perfect, they'd be even more convenient to see, but I try to work around it just to see them. Have been to other Volvo mechanics in town and prefer Leyfax to all others. As a woman who knows nothing about cars, they never make me feel like they are taking advantage of my ignorance. Additionally, Carl always makes a point of explaining each issue thoroughly and in a manner that's easy to understand. Honest - Thorough - Experts Those are the three words I think of when I think of Leyfax."

   "I am a long time customer of this fantastic shop and I couldn't be happier with the service that I have received. It is so refreshing to find a truly honest, reasonable, and knowledgeable mechanic. Dave and Carl are a gift to Volvo drivers! I wish they would look at my new Japanese car. However, don't ask them to explain anything if you don't have time for a thorough answer."

   "Leyfax was recommended by my mechanic in Denver, so when I moved to Portland in 2004 I started taking my 850 Volvo to Leyfax. Dave and Carl are outstanding mechanics who really know their stuff and are scrupulously honest.  Plus these guys are always fun to talk to about all manner of things, not just your car.  I had a recurring problem with my check engine light coming on; a host of codes always being recorded; and my ABS and TRACS systems being disabled, usually when I really needed them - like a wet slippery road on a hill!! Well I spent thousands of dollars over about a 10+ year period trying to resolve the problem and stop the codes from appearing. 6 different Volvo mechanics, including a couple of Volvo dealers tried to find the problem and solve it, without success. I can't count the number of times my wheel sensors were cleaned and/or replaced, and all kinds of other stuff was replaced to deal with the problem. Well Dave and Carl finally solved it when they replaced a senor switch linked to the gas pedal. In addition to paying a small repair bill, I gave them a bottle of Champagne for that feat! Here is how they did it. They checked and fixed all of the most obvious things which could be causing the problem. When those repairs didn't solve the problem, they freely admitted they were stumped but continued to reseach the issue on the Internet. They could have recommended replacing expensive components like most mechanics would when they don't know. Just to read the codes and turn them off, the dealers always charged anywhere from about $50 to $100. Dave and Carl usually didn't charge anything just to read and turn off the codes. They also didn't suggest the most expensive option first like the dealers. One dealer's mechanic recommended just replacing the car's main computer. Glad I didn't follow that advice. Anyway, I take my hat off to a couple of the best mechanics I have had the pleasure to give my business to. Heck, I would even consider driving some 800 miles from Calgary to Portland just to give them my business again, especially if it was a stinker of a problem which some local guy couldn't fix!!"

   "Leyfax has been repairing my car for the last 13years and I would not take it anywhere else. Dave and his workers are very very knowledgeable.
More important, I have never taken it back once it was repaired by these guys! And the price is fair."

"I've been having my Volvo s40 serviced by Leyfax for the past 3 years. Service is excellent. Cost is much lower than the dealers, and they don't try to rip you with unnecessary service. These guys are Volvo specialists and know what they are doing. I strongly recommend Leyfax to any Volvo owner."

   "My mother began taking her Volvo here in the 1970's. I have been taking mine to Dave for 10 years and have had nothing but good experiences with Leyfax. They are honest, get the work done on time and explain technical issues clearly. I have driven in with emergency car trouble and they have fixed it while I waited. I can't recommend them highly enough."

   "These guys are the best. When we moved away from portland for a few months last year, leaving this mechanic was one of the things in my mind that was a real drawback to going to Arizona-and I'm not at all obsessed with my car or keeping it in perfect shape. It's just really nice to have a place to take it that you know they are going to remember you and fix what's broken and charge you a fair price, upfront. By the way, the shop owner Dave, has the most incredible memory I have ever witnessed...I'm sure he deals with a lot of people, and all volvos, but everytime I call or stop by he has instant recall of everything that they ever did to my car, who I am, and even who referred me to their shop (my sister-in-law) AND the history of all the cars she ever brought there. wow"

   "Dave is wonderful. He takes the time to explain everything that he has done. He doesn't do unnecessary work and is scrupulously honest. As a woman without a huge background in mechanics, I have felt respected in each of our transactions. Having a guy like Dave to call on makes life a bit better all around!"


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